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Slow Thanksgiving


While I was roaming the grid on Thanksgiving I realized almost everyone was gone… yeah. Surprise. So Decided to try how the Club would look for a smaller concert of, say, Tori Amos…

Office Work… or not….


Sometimes even the best office worker gets distracted…


Discovered Pangloss


Came here and was in awe… but mind You this place is slow. So detailed I had to limit my graphics, and only let it full on when the shot was ready. See more images here.

I Feel Sweet

Lamia_Chocolate Sometimes I just want to feel mellow… sweet…. like a good dark chocolate


Forgot to tell you about…


Forgotten City… what a place. Breath taking… Steam punk… Freaky…


Chess Player

Instead of cheese and wine we had chess and wine


It started as a massage


Well, it started as a massage… i am a bit sick in real life so could not pass an offer of massage from a cute guy with rare quality in Second Life – normal height, and soft spoken.