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Danger at Wetlands – i.e. March Teddy… ??


Quick note for future reference… in strange places DO NOT INVOKE STRANGE BEEINGS… right… and if you think on next occasion i will look into my notes, you are wrong


Video sketch up for Evolv

Boat Party video theme: Bunch of friends get away for the weekend of debauchery

Make sure the GFX are set to high with Advanced Light settings so you get the diamond bump and light effects from the textures on the boat. First part in the daylight, second part at night settings.

The Plot! lol

Using our different avatars we can set up a scene for a couple on the bed (bedroom) just chilling, another couple smooching up in the shower (I have a great animation for it!). Another couple sitting in the lounge watching the big screen sipping bubbly and maybe another in the spa at the back of the boat. Then couple land in the helicopter and walk up to the top deck .. one starts to dj and another gets on the pole like at sunset and the party starts, lights come on and we get the party shots on the dance floor to finish up. Maybe a last scene of someone drunk falling overboard. lol