the Female Dragon of Second Life

Step on It

StepInD: reaches a foot out and kicks your legs apart for my viewing pleasure L: smiles, as you open my legs, feeling your toes tease my thigh, as my fingers wrap over head of your cock spreading your precum D: stands above you loving the way you hold my cock, looking down at you displaying for me. She licks my lips and smils at you L: twisiting my hand over the head…. pulling back foreskin… down… over the shaft… jerking a little harder, as my other hand pulls your foot between my legs, fingers spreading outer lips to show off dark inner wings and a glistening pink skin. lifting my foot up, silky nylon rubbing against your calf D: steps between your legs and rubs my toes over your inner thigh, nails grazzing your skin. “you got my girlcock nice and hard for me” – puts my foot up against your spread pussy, toe your near your open lips looking down at you L: moans as your toe touches against my labia D: flicks my toe on your soft labias L: hand yanking you harder as u press your foot against my pink D: grins down as you jerk me in public. “my cock feels good in your hand…” dips my toe into your cunt dragging it over your inner pink L: grins up as your toe pushes inside me softly… in public D: smiles back down and blows you a kiss. spreading my legs so you can jerk my harder L: holds your ankle guiding your foot, my other hand twisting, jerking… Precum dripping down my wrist and forearm D: blows you another kiss L: giggles as I lick my arm tasting you D: “getting close… you better slow unless you want cum all over you” L: grins, squeezing you tighter at the base D: wiggles my toe in your pussy “mmmmm. that’ll work” L: moaning, and shifting changing the angle, letting you push deeper, groaning as more of your slender foot sinks into me D: “ohhh feels nice and wet…” slides more of my toes in, letting you guide it in L: gasping, fingers tight on your cock as you seem to step into me D: smiles as you use my foot as a dildo L: biting my lips D: looks down at you… “do it…..” L: “fuck…” moans, grinding agaisnt your foot D: grins… “do it…” L: fucking myself on it, holding onto your cock D: “ohhh” watches you with a wide grin… loving it, your hand feels so good as you grip me tight L: looking down as your toes slide into me, dissapear. Stepping into me, pressing harder D: giving it a little shove just to make your squeal L: squirms under you, whimpering D: pushes it in deeper L: your foot glistening with my juices, just as my fingers are wet with your precum D: as you hold it. Feel your juices between my toes. Lovely squishy feeling of drak sweet juices. Twist my cock in your fist… “give it a nice yank” L: grunts, as I yank you harder D: “yea be rough…” L: as you step into my sex, your cock moves closer to my face. Yanking. Tight. Grasping D: Twists my toes in you. as you yank me “mmmmm…” L: biting my lips to keep from screaming D: your yank me as I stand above, my cock close to your mouth L: your foot deep inside making me shake D: “make me cum and drink it all…” L: as you move so that you gloss my lips with your precum D: twists my toes in you… giving you a nice push L: gasps hard for air at that D: smiles down meeting your eyes L: my mouth open….. for a moment, my cunt contracting on your foot D: “make me cum” D: “I dont care… I just wanna cummmmm…. ahhhhhhhhhhh… Jerk my cock so I can squirt!” L: taking opportunity you push into my mouth D: “yeaaa….mmmm draks….” L: as i jerk you, sucking the head in D: “darling my meat belongs to you”- twisting and teasing your pussy with my foot ]L: biting softly at the base of the head, tongue scooping precum, as I groan at your rough use of my cunt, making me your slipper, word turns D: kicks your legs wider with my other foot as I lean in and shove my cock further in your mouth L: your hands grabbing my horns D: “yesss” L: i gasp and groan… breathless… clehnching over your slender foot D: holding your horns and pulling you onto my cock, “gonna squirt you girl! hose your throat with cum!” L: moans jerkin you, feeling you twitch deeper D: pumps you with my foot, spreading your pussy L: my neck bulging as you pull me over your cock as is my belly. Holding me D: filling both your holes,, feeling very naughty ]L: pinning D: “ohh draks” L: “gawdddd” D: “come onnnn I need to cumm….” L: deeper D: “ahhhh girllllllll” L: looking up over your mound tears running down my cheeks, my body used so ….. hard D: ahhh groaning as i try not tooooooooooo L: tongue under the pulsing veins your foot white with my cream, as u withdraw, and push D: working my throbbing cock deep in your throat L: my hand on your ass, as you push into me D: pushing my foot back in L: feelin you shake, twitch D: “gonnnaaaaa….. squirt!” L: your hands pulling me harder D: “babygirl take my creammmmmmmmmmmm” – cummminggggggggg L: as u lean into me force feeding… “gggg… shiiiiittttt……” I gasp, my cunt contracting D: deep hard cummmm L: squirting my nectar over your foot D: cummming down your throat L: as u hold me cumming, long, breathless D: pulls my cock out of your mouth and shakes the drops onto your face and lips. then slips my foot out… smiling down D: lifts you up onto my lap, taking sweet kisses L: moans into a kiss, as I feel your cock slide into my gaping cunt… “just a kiss?”- smiles D: mmmm

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