the Female Dragon of Second Life

Can’t be tamed

What a wonderful image


Can't be tamed.jpg


Bra: Violent Seduction @The Arcade

Panties: Empire @The Arcade

Shoes: Violent Seduction @The Arcade


Body Harness: Salt & Pepper @The Arcade

Head Harness: Salt & Pepper @The Arcade

Knee Braces: Violent Seduction @The Arcade

Feather Harness: Empire @The Arcade

Wings: TSG @The Arcade

Horns: Cerberus Xing @The Arcade

Tail: Cerberus Xing @The Arcade

Ears: Cerberus Xing @The Arcade


Skin: Atomic @The Arcade

Head: Catwa

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Wagon: Rh Desing @The Arcade

Carriage: Black Bantam @The Arcade

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