the Female Dragon of Second Life





*dL designs* Lingerie

Couldn’t find the lingerie I wanted so I decided to make my own. See what came out,


dl Racing Sonata Family Ready to Set Sail


As you can see, tha hard work of last week paid off with not one but four sailboats, three designed to sail, and one – to have fun on. The difference is in land impact – the photo detailed SX version has usable interior and KI55 enginde for cuddles and more. The SL version is sea worthy, with 1/4 of land impact of SX version and BWind engine set up.

You can find SX version here on the marketplace, and first SL – sea worthy – one here. (more…)


Work On My Boat Continues


*dL racing* Sonata 730 SX version under rigorous testing… smile


Working On My Boat


My friends know that last week I went away sailing. After coming back I decided to build a proper sailboat, a racer for SL. Detailing went a bit overboard so it came out rather LI heavy, so not something good for racing. But… good for so many other things. So i decided to equip it with some poses. No all that is left to do is to finish off texturing. And hopefuly my looove boat will hit the market soon. For now a little preview of hard work I put in with my friends to make it fun.


Drasound SLcaster guitar photos for the marketplace


Needed better pictures of my guitar for marketplace, what do you think – is it a HOT piece (chuckle). (more…)

Drasound SLCASTER Guitar


My new guitar, will put it on the market soon (updated: already on the market). For now just an amazing statistic. Even with the details such as spring loaded bridge it has only 8 land impact