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Gina Visits Sorrow


Weird, Unusual, Beautiful, Dumb

Where I first came to Vegas Cocks Motorcycle Sim, I was astounded by unusual, weird, and beautiful settings that has been created here. Wandered about, invited some friends to see the place, and at the end discovered that the owner is… well lets put it this way, the clue is in the name (next time you set up a sim in Adult region, put the Cock in the name, and a sculpture of a vampire fucking a girl as a main art piece, do put “No Sex” sign somewhere, otherwise, as in my case, someone might misinterpret your idea). (more…)


Right now I’m thinking Paris… and sorry, i’m mad, i’m angry, and i’m not terrified, so those madmen of IS have failed. It has to be taken a sign. A sign that open arms policy of accepting everyone who seeks freedom has to exclude those who come to take that freedom away from us. It’s time to say, if you come here seeking freedom, seeking humane treatment, you cannot bring here ideas, that seek to destroy it. It has to stop. There are places where a christian or anyone who is not a Muslim cannot come. It is time to say, that Europe is a place where Muslim can not manifest his beliefs, since his beliefs are against our freedoms. Those Muslim, who has lived in our society for centuries do enjoy this freedom, and shall continue to do so, since they accept our ways of life, and we have lived in peace. But those who come to disrupt, destroy, terrorize and murder our way of life should be rounded up, and deported. And we shall urge lawmakers to pass the laws, that would make Muslims responsible for action of their neighbors and within your society. We can not pretend these are random attacks anymore, and You are responsible for letting it flourish. You shall carry the burden of making sure it does not happen again. That. Or leave. (more…)

Timeless Memories

TimelessMemories (more…)

Roche… remembered?

Hopefuly this place is still around but it might already be gone. Roche, a little yet so well designed, spot in SL universe has been set to close since July. Maybe it is still around – if so, take the first opportunity to go to Roche and see. (more…)

The Chateau – naughty paradise


A lovely little place to have fun – The Chateau is fitted with some of the best furniture in Second Life yet will not snob out on you. (more…)

A little bdsm… but more romance… welcome to Portique du Ciel


Portique du Ciel welcomes visitors with exhibit of erotic drawings of Geiger.

Born 1805 in Vienna, Geiger wanted originally to follow the family tradition and become a sculptor, but drawing and painting were his natural element. He illustrated Anton Ziegler’s Vaterländischen Immortellen (“Immortals of the Native Land”) of 1839-40. Until 1848, he carried out numerous illustrations of historical works and poetry, but also made oil paintings for the Austrian Royal Family.

Returning from a journey to the Orient with Prince Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph in 1850, he entered a particularly creative period. In 1853, he became Professor of the Viennese Academy of Art. For the Royal Family, he made many works including illustrations of Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, and William Shakespeare. He also illustrated oriental life.

His erotic drawings are particularly remembered, though it is unlikely that they were the typical work of a court painter.