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50 Shades Of Lamia: Deep Red with Sasi

Sasi-2ndDate-11 (more…)

Magic at Dragon’s Liar


Well, remembering my home at Reloaded Rock Club – hope to rebuild it soon.

Cuddle with Sasi

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Reloaded like Phoenix – with a help from my friends

Well… after the mishap with “that bitch”, we pulled together, and with support of many and direct help from DJ Earl King Philbin Nicolai who joined the management team of Reloaded Rock Club as one of the owners the club came back to life within two days, and is now as fantastic a place as always. So come see our events and enjoy the fun in many back alleys. Also – if you are looking for the coolest address in SL, check out our rental offer for both homes and commerce.


Reloaded Rock Club seeking Help!


After three weeks of hard labour of love our place in the grid looked so well yesterday evening. Unfortunately due to unreliability of one of the co-owners – Saphire Smith – we are now homeless and looking for a place to set up, and a RELIABLE partner to split the cost – and if we make it – share in the profits. So if you are interested get in touch with me or janjo.fellini in-world as soon as possible.


Wishing Well


Wishing well at Reloaded Rock Club’s Fishing Village.



New Reloaded Rock Club location opening soon


Well, can’t keep the secret anymore – Reloaded Rock & Wet Panties Club is moving to a new full region! Yes people – we have the full island to romp about now, it has been already mostly developed by our lovely team so if you are looking for a rocking place to call your home – there are homes to rent, stores to lease and general mayhem to be undertaken. We open today at noon with our regular line-up of hottest DJs on the grid and tribute to the “Eagles” by Definitve Rock Concerts & Pirate Metal,

Come and see what i have built…

50 Shades of Lamia: Deep Red


Visiting photo gallery of Bobby turned out a bit more in depth….



Seconds – In My Eyes



50 Shades of Lamia: Watched

EmmaAndGia_006Watching over the shoulder of one of my lovers and seeing the other one aroused, touching, watching me. (more…)


Valentines Day Party

Well.. me on a pole, filming and dancing, and enjoying myself

Reloaded Rock Club

This is how we party at Reloaded Rock Club! Here a little taste of Valentines Day Party at Reloaded Rock Club in Second Life. With Strix as DJ and Tawny as Host.

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