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Video Premiere “The Machine”


Phone Call – the Movie

PhoneCallSaedi-20.jpg (more…)

“Fox” Reviewed

Just to let you know, “Fox” got a lovely review by The Sexiest Pornstars. So I shall soon follow with more naughty machinima.


Fox_Movie-1Finally got around to making a new machinima clip – you can watch it at naughtymachinima. Here, some screenshots for you. More at flickr.


The Wedding Gift (video)


The latest video is out and in the wild – take a look here.


Steampunk at Toru

Hobbit-ratedJust finished a new video clip – based on a meeting long ago at Toru Enchanted Forest, with a twist of including some non-machinima footage. Wonder what you think about “Steampunk“.


Preserving SL Landscapes Video – Shizukesa Island

Finally finished – a video recording something that went missing from SL – beautiful island created by кαт (katamber)


They Lurk in the Dark


Lurking in the dark he came for me… and it was fierce. And in the end I managed to finally put together my first movie, which was not a video clip. So now I have a channel, and you can the the clip here.

SL Porn Tube is down lately – so the vid is also on Naughty Machinima site.