the Female Dragon of Second Life


Steampunk at Toru

Hobbit-ratedJust finished a new video clip – based on a meeting long ago at Toru Enchanted Forest, with a twist of including some non-machinima footage. Wonder what you think about “Steampunk“.


Preserving SL Landscapes Video – Shizukesa Island

Finally finished – a video recording something that went missing from SL – beautiful island created by кαт (katamber)


50 Shades of Lamia: Beached


Finally got a little time to work on some of the “raw” material…. and BEACHED is a new video clip of me with a special friend of mine 🙂 Hope you all like it. And this is X-rated. definitely.



A post at Ziki Questi pointed another beatifull lanscape in Second Life grid – The Rainbow. So here is the brief video, to hopefully show off and preserve that gorgeous creation.


Video Premiere – Pink Angel

PinkAngel-9 Next day we met, and my angel came down with pink wings on. The new movie clip can be seen at (more…)


Coffe and Cream


Just hanging about and waiting to see where the current flows


Valentines Day Party

Well.. me on a pole, filming and dancing, and enjoying myself

Reloaded Rock Club

This is how we party at Reloaded Rock Club! Here a little taste of Valentines Day Party at Reloaded Rock Club in Second Life. With Strix as DJ and Tawny as Host.

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