the Female Dragon of Second Life

(My) Beginers Guide to Second Life

Oh well… maybe I’m not the best one to write this down, cause I have lived in SL for only three years, but – well, maybe I can help you out a little bit on the way from looking and behaving like a noob newbie, and get you on your way.

So… You got into SL, and want to have fun (you know, THAT kind of fun). First of all, do realize that other players have invested their time and often real cash to look the way they do. And for most part if you look like a newbie they will might not even answer your IMs.

So how do we know someone is a newbie? There are two elements – the look, and the behavior. Let’s analyze each in turn.

The newbie look. Original SL avatars can be made to look great. It’s hard work, and it takes skill. If you want to fast track to SL heaven – you are better off getting a mesh body. Is it expensive? Yes – if you want the top of the line one…. but then again, when I was choosing my first mesh body – and I still love the way the breasts and butt are shaped – I chose TheShops mesh – and guess what? They offer a free basic version. So do yourself and everyone else a favor – grab it at their location here. And don’t forget the basic lingerie, heels and a dress. Heads… mesh heads are expensive. But original SL heads are done way better then the bodies with their terrible feet (TMP comes with feet, but if you can afford get SLINK feet). When you decide to get yet better looks a great guide is Mesh Body Addicts website. And for goodness sake do not parade around with a pickle pretending to be a penis. One would assume that designers who create cocks and dicks in SL should know how this part looks in RL, but almost every freebie came from someone, whose little micro soft has never seen an erection. So if you do need that part of anatomy, do us all a favor and if you cannot afford an Aeros at least get VSMX one – it’s free and while it doesn’t offer the control of the proper tools, it at least isn’t a pickle.

And here we stumble onto the DO NOT BEHAVE like w newbie. Sure there are so many avatars that run about with smaller or larger erections. 99% of them are unattractive (to me). They make me think that it’s medical condition, not anything flattering to me. Remember – SL is a game of fantasy – so allow room for the mind to play. And don’t stand there like a doll – get an AO. There are quite a few decent ones for free – like Tuty’s.  Also… think what you want to be treated like and treat others… better. “Do you want to fuk” rarely works – well, if you are stunningly gorgeous it might get me into your lap, but if that is all that happens later – pose ball clicking and no expression – it will be one click stand for you.

Freebies can be good and bad. There are loads of bad freebies in SL, but there are also tons of free quality things. Wander around the in-world stores, look for freebie gifts, check out lucky letter boards. You can often pick up very nice things that way. Join Second Life Frees & Offers group and watch the announcements.

Examine what people are wearing in SL – if you use Firestorm Viewer – right click on what you like and click Inspect. That way you can learn the name, and find out who is the creator. Visit quality spots like Erotic Club BK or Pino’s 1951 and watch others. Don’t rush at them with silly “Fuck Me Now” lines. They do not work… at least with strangers.

And last but not least. Second Life is about many things. You might have stumbled into it looking for Virtual Sex. But it’s about Virtual Art, Fantasy and Design. Yes. Really. So do yourself a favor and check out Ziki Questi Blog… or at least SL Destination Guide.